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Specialized staff in implantology

Using mobile prosthesis brings a lack of comfort and uncertainties especially in relationships with others . Moreover , in case of partial dentures , the tension exerted on the surrounding teeth , which can lead to damage them while in the case of the soft tissue , can cause bone loss or damage to bone base , which constitutes support for natural teeth .
Implantology treatment in case of absence of isolated teeth, or a large number of them , constitutes a more effective solution . The ultimate effect of the treatment guarantees full operation of the mouth and a high aesthetic level , which allows the patient to feel confident.

Implants are prepared from titanium , a metal that fits very well human tissue , and they perform the same functions as natural roots of teeth . On implants can be placed on a single crown , or even a bridge , which imitate perfectly natural teeth .

katersh EXCELLENCE STUDIO in implantology is based on All-on-4™ All-on- 6 TM, technology which is considered worldwide as a revolution in implantology and a new stage in the immediate rehabilitation of edentulous persons.

Thanks to All-on-4™ in EXCELLENCE DENTAL STUDIO we are able to build full teeth as well as the in upper or bottom . Permanent Bridge with 12 teeth supported on four implants can be placed on the day of performing the intervention .




10979173_767104660039955_1328267030_nOnly the surgical part of the intervention lasts no more than 30 minutes ( the length of the intervention depends on the level of complexity of the case in question ) . This intervention at 100 % has no need for bone grafting , or any other actions reconstruction at the bottom or upper jaw .

Using advanced technology and maintaining high clinical standards our staff at EXCELLENCE DENTAL STUDIO has managed to successfully complete a series of work -related in prosthetic implantology .