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Hygiene and Sterilization

High standards of hygiene and sterilization.


Learn some important things that apply in our studio about hygiene and sterilization procedures .
Sterilization is performed according to the standards in force in Europe and in the world

One of the new procedures and more important that significantly reduces potential infections that come from dental cabinets is the change of dental armchairs

Which means: the next patient no longer sit in the hall that was used before that moment for a patient, but in a separate room well prepared by us with European standards.

salla2Minimum time to clean the room and dental armchair is 40 min


  • 1Starts with air filtering with special air generator for surgery rooms equipped with an ultraviolet lamp
  • 2Floor washed and disinfected with special solutions for surgical room .
  • 3Then begins cleaning dental armchair , where are changed all autoclaving parts.
  • 4We clean Aspirator device tubes with special solutions H2O2 6%

  • DSCN2111

  • 5 What is unique to our study is the use of individual turbines and contra ANGEL , which means we do not suffice just cleaning with a solution and a napkin , but either all tools undergo automatic cleaning and lubrication , plasticizing and then monitoring non stop in an autoclave a computer to give us accurate information about optimal sterilization

At the moment the patient sits in armchair have available the whole sets of the sterilized instruments and has the option to request the printed sheet from the printer of the autoclave sterilization.


millemiumTo provide the highest level of care and safety Studio Dental Excellence is equipped with equipment of high quality and strictly enforces strict hygiene procedures .
It is equipped with two autoclave Mocom MILLENIUM B computer integrated , which monitor all work cycles , pressure , vacuum , temperature and antibacterial tests .

Ultrasonic for removing and breaking down blood from instruments , the apparatus used for cleaning and lubrication of turbines before autoclave process and plasticize apparatus of the firm Euronda .


We tried to achieve optimal conditions as we think that health and safety are our priority .