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Discover the power of your smile

Professional Dental Treatments

Conservative Dentistry
Orthodontics - Teeth Alignment
Dental Implants
Root Dental Treatment
Dental Surgery
Maximum hygiene and Sterilization


12 Years Experience in Implantology

Hundreds of implants successfully mounted




An extremely specialized staff in implants, surgical interventions in their implantation, quality of materials from prestigious firms leader in the manufacture of implants, characterize us in every implant.

Computerized Prosthetic

Excellence Studio is equipped with the latest CAD-CAM technology. Computerised design of teeths and dentures and the realization with CAD CAM

Dentistry Aesthetics

With our professional potential and the modern technology we have, we can provide the perfect smile. Variety Veneers, ceramic fillings, various corona guarantee us unconditioned success.


Straight and beautiful teeth give us self-confidence. Already materials with sapphire and crystal, can lead teeth with fixed appliances and be difficult to distinguish.

It is a great pleasure for us to invite you to Excellence Dental Studio in center of Lushnje, Albania.

Was a common dream to us to build a more modern dental clinic, which aims to holistically care for each patient and his individual needs

Cordially invite you

Dr. Gentian Koçi

Technology and Professionalism

Our studio is equipped with the latest technologyCAD CAM, operated by a staff of trained professionals.


Hygiene and Care

Highest standards of hygiene, Sterilization and Care

  Learn some important things that we apply in our studio about hygiene and sterilization procedures. Sterilization is performed according to the standards in Europe and in the world. One of the new important procedures that significantly reduce potential infections that come from dental cabinets is the diversion of dental armchairs, which means: the next patient no longer sit in the hall that was used before that moment for a patient, but in a separate room well prepared by us with European standards. Minimum time to clean the room and dental armchair is 40 min …. read more…