Excellence Dental Studio

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Excellence Dental Studio

Discover the power of your smile.

It is a great pleasure for us to invite you to Excellence Dental Studio in the center of Lushnje, Albania.

Was a common dream to us to build a more modern dental clinic, which aims to holistically care for each patient and his individual dental needs.

gentTogether with our partners we have built a really a contemporary clinic , where with our interdisciplinary skills could care to each patient’s smile

Excellence Dental Studio is a modern studio equipped perfectly , which provides a complex care for your oral health .

Clinic offers our patients best quality materials and extremely safe operation techniques, while we serve you with dignity and professionalism .

Thanks to frequent training courses , which constantly follow in Albania and abroad , we are able to offer all modes of treatment and to choose the best therapy for each patient . We follow only proven and effective methods , and at the same time we are always looking for the open-minded to new innovative findings in the field of dentistry

Our qualities are : new ways of orthodontic treatment and performing complex implantology operations .

We also provide services in the field of preventive dentistry , prosthetics , dental surgery , periodontics and oral hygiene .

Our staff is highly prepared and professional. We will always help you with a smile, helping you passing a painless intervention.

We possess the most advanced equipment for carrying out rentgenediagnostics , Laser Dentistry, piezosurgery and most sophisticated CAD CAM SIRONA system for creating with computer Porcelain Veneers and crowns, of dental filling and modificating high glass ceramic and zirconium


We are specialized in performing advanced operations for placement of dental implants, as well as the most advanced technology in the field of computer prosthetics , thanks to which we can rebuild a tooth in a single visit.

In every patient will feel special . We give to our patients not only healthy teeth , but also a beautiful smile to the delight of their relatives .

Thanks to our ongoing commitment to professional training and care you give our patients the opportunity to benefit from the best modern technologies in the field of dentistry